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How to find a nice cheap hotel in Spain

Hotel in Madrid, SpainWe consider to be cheap hotels to be those which have low prices but still maintain quality of service and good facilities.

The following is advice on finding the best deals to suit your needs.

1 . Analyse online offers and compare prices and what each hotels offers (location, facilities...). For example there are more that 40 hotels with prices ranging from 39 euros per night to choose from in Madrid. It is the best way to find cheap hotels.

2. Don't rule out staying in some of the best hotels. Often during low season there are a lot of last minute offers which mean you can stay in a quality hotel and enjoy all the facilities at a low price.





3. Register for a card for the big hotel chains (Mas de Melia card and Friends of Paradores). This gives you the chance to get special offers for example the accompanying guest stays free etc.

4. Analyse special offers for rural hotels located around big cities which are easily accessible. You can often find a good quality hotel at a very good price. Participate in our Casas Rurales Forum.

5. The formula used for cheap flights is being used for hotels. Easy Jet has created Easy Hotel which for example has new hotels in London from just 5 GBP per night! These types of offers might come to Spain soon so pay attention.

6. Make your reservations online. You can compare offers and compare prices before booking in order to get the best deal. We have tried several online hotel booking services and our favourite for quality, prices and honest hotel reviews is Bookings.

7. Try and be flexible about dates and try to avoid high season. Most hotels have very cheap prices and special offers during low season.

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