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Entertainment. Why not relax and use Internet to have a laugh and enjoy yourself. Are you ready? Have a good time!

  • Free games on-line
  • Free games on-line for kids
  • Calculate how long you're going to live. We're not joking. A Northamerican insurance company has invented a super-calculator which works out exactly how long we're going to live depending on our daily habits....Have a go at the Longevity Game
  • We guarantee that this will make you laugh: if you click on this link.. and then click on each horse we bet that even the most serious euroresidentes will be tempted to smile. Compose your own tunes and share them with your children or grandchildren. Try these games for children under 10: UPToTen
  • Radio in Internet. Lots of people don't know that so much music is just a click away if you have an Internet conexion. Enjoy listening to the golden oldies by trying the special channels (Rolling Stones, Led Zepellin, pop, classical music, opera...) ¡Amazing! Click here to downlado the best music channels of Radio Netscape.


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