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Palaces in Madrid

Palaces and stately buildings in Madrid

Palaces and stately buildings in Madrid:

  • El Palacio Real de Madrid: Located in old Madrid (calle Bailén, s/n. Tel: 91 547 53 50). It was constructed during the reign of the Borbons. Started by Felipe V, taken over by Filippo Juvara en 1735 and later handed over to Sachetti. The first king to occupy the palace was Carlos III. The decoration was left to Carlos III and Carlos IV. It was the official residence of the Royal family until the abdication of Alfonso XIII in 1931. It is currently used for official acts. It is also open to the public. Things to see include: the arms museum, the 1879 dining room with tapestries and frescos on the ceiling, the Porcelain room, the throne room and the pharmacy.
  • Palacio de la Quinta del Duque del Arco: Located on the Monte del Pardo 15 kms outside Madrid on the Coruña road (km 6200) - (Tel: 91 376 15 00). This palace dates back to the 18th century. It has pleasant gardens and fountains as well as antique furniture and paintings.

  • Oviedo Palacio Real del Pardo: Also located on the Monte del Pardo 15 kms outside Madrid on the Coruña road (km6200) - (Tel: 91 376 15 00). The hill covers 16000 hectares and is a national park, it has flowers and plants typical to the Mediterranean. The palace was ordered by Enrique III and was built by Sabatini. The palace has paintings by El Bosco, Antonio Moro, Tiziano and Sanchez Coello. It also has a collection of clocks by the Casa Real Española. It was Franco's official residence from 1940 until 1975. It is now used by visiting heads of state from Europe.

  • The Palacio de la Zarzuela, official residence of the Spanish Royal family and the Prince of Asturias, is also located on the Monte del Pardo.

  • Palacio de Liria: Located on la calle de la Princesa. It is owned by the Duquesa de Alba and inhabited by her family. It holds an important art collection.

  • Oviedo Muralla de Madrid: This is the remains of an Arabic fortress dating back to the 9th and 10th centuries. The only thing that remains is the wall. You can find it at the end of calle Mayor. It is thought that the entrance that can be seen in the wall is the 'Arco de la Almudena' where the relics of the Virgen de la Almudena were found.

  • La Casita del Principe: Located on the Montes del Pardo, 15 Kms outside Madrid (Tel: 91 376 15 00). It was built in 1785 by Juan de Villanueva under the orders Carlos IV. It holds a collection of portraits by Mengs. It is under restoration at present and is temporarily closed to the public.

  • Oviedo The Townhall (Casa de la Villa): Plaza de la Villa, 4, (tel: 91 588 10 00). Built in 1640 by Juan Gomez de Mora in quite a plain style, it has been remodelled and extended over the years. Its facade and the coat of arms date back to 1670 (Teodoro Ardemans), the neoclassic colonnade is by Juan de Villanueva.







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