Pueblos de EspañaMorella (Castellón)

What to do and see in the Morella?

MorellaMorella: Visiting Morella is like going back in time. This small town is built on a rock overlooking the Mediterranean sea from a height of 1.072 m above sea level. The impressive castle of Morella sits on the top of the hill, and the village is surrounded by an ancient wall.

Where to visit: Visitors will enjoy strolling around Morella's peaceful streets which have a historical and artistic feeling to them. The historical walled area of the town deserves special interest. At the top of the hill, the castle offers outstanding viewsLa ciudad, conjunto histórico artístico que merece.





Other historical buildings worth a visit include the Arciprestal Church, the Royal Cloister, San Francisco Convent etc.

Morella What to eat and what to buy: Morella and its surroundings is famous for its excellent cheeses, cured meats, pumpkin tarts, sweet potato tarts, meatpies, herb liquer, honey, olive oil, truffles, ham, game... The main street (calle principal) in Morella is a lively area lined with small shops selling local produce at reasonable prices.

Castle of Morella:
The structure of the existing castle was built by Arabs during the Moor occupation of Spain and throughout history, because of its strategic position, Morella Castle has experienced numerous battles. The castle has been destroyed and then rebuilt by Iberians, Romans, Arabs and Christians. Remains still exist from all these periods in History. See Photos of Morella (on a cloudy day!!)



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