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What to do and see in the Albarracín?

Albarracín Albarracín, just 28 km from Teruel, is one ofthe least known and most breathtaking places in Spain. Visitors to this beautiful Spanish village will be amazed by the unspoilt beauty of Albarracin, set in one of Spain's national parks in the the Universale mountains at 3.400 feet and overlooking the Guadalivar River.

Albarracín To visit Albarracín and walk around its steep narrow cobbled streets is to go back centuries in time. The higher you climb, the tighter the bundle of little pituresque houses gets, and when you arrive at the top and walk up to the castle, the view of the village and its surrounding is simply breathtaking.
Open all year, the hotel is located in the old quarter of the town, only 21 miles from historical city of Teruel.





Albarracín The borders of the three former kingdoms of Castilla, Aragon and Valencia meet at Albarracin, which gave it particular strategic importance in Spanish history and helps explain the presence of buildings with Moorish features and impressive old stone buildings, homes to nobles in the Middle Ages when Queen Isabel (Castilla) and King Fernando (Aragon) unified the Spanish kingdoms by their marriage and Spain went on to overcome Moor occupation.


Albarracin has a good selection of hotels, but visitors can also stay at the Parador in Teruel as it is only a half hour drive, and the scenery along the route from Teruel to Albarracín is wonderful.

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