Frases en inglés

Algunas frases en inglés para poder sobrevivir una estancia en Inglaterra, los Estados Unidos, u otro país. Estas frases inglesas te sacarán de un apuro, aunque debes tener un diccionario a mano si quieres comprender la respuesta.

Excuse me please, I'm lost. Could you tell me how to get to ________?

Where is the nearest toilet please?

Where is the nearest police station please?

What is your name?

Do you have the time please?

Could I use your mobile phone please?

Could you bring me the bill please?

Can I pay by credit card?

Is there a bank near here?

Where is the nearest tube station?

What time does the shop/restaurant/pub/art gallery/museum... close?

I want to go to ______, could you tell me when to get off please?

Where can I catch a taxi?

Is there an Internet café near here?

You are starting to bother me. Leave me alone!

I'm sorry, I didn't understand what you just said. Could you repeat it for me please?

What time is the train expected?

Is the flight on time?

Are there any good, cheap hotels near the station?

Could you recommend a good hotel/bed and breakfast/restaurant..

I am very tired, so I'm going to bed now. Good night

Good morning, did you sleep well?

What are we going to do today?

Is it expected to rain tomorrow?

What kind of clothes should I wear to the meeting/party/theatre....

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