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Vegetarian Restaurants in Spain


Good Vegetarian Restaurants in Spain
Biomenu Restaurante Vegetariano
Calle Navas 17, Alicante
Tel: 965213144
A good option if you are in the city centre. It has a daily set menu or you can choose from the menu. A very good self-service salad bar.
Sesamo Bar y Comida sin Bestias
Calle San Antoni Abat 52, Barcelona (metro San Antoni)
Tel: 934416411
A popular restaurant which serves vegetarian and vegan food using organic ingredients inspired by recipes from all over the world. A very good value midday menu. Reservation in the evenings advisable. (closed Tuesdays) Beer and wine available.
Calle Escudellers 54, Barcelona (metro Drassanes)
Tel: 933173331
A restaurant with an adjoining shop. Good value daily menu. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Good variety of dishes. Beer and wine available.
Calle de la Junta de Comerc, Barcelona
Tel: 933010902
Excellent food, very good value. Vegan dishes. Salad bar. Beer and wine available.
Calle Fernandez del Campo 7, Bilbao
Tel: 4223255
Serves a 4 course midday menu Monday to Saturday. Also open Friday and Saturday evenings. Good value. Beer and Wine available (not included in the set menu price). Get there early to avoid the queues (opens daily at 13.00) Closed Sundays.
Calle Pablo Picasso 30, Granada
Tel: 958120103
A bit out of the way but definitely worth the visit. Friendly small restaurant. Some vegan dishes. Open evenings 9pm. Closed Mondays.

It is often difficult being a vegetarian in Spain. Most typical Spanish dishes contain some form of meat or fish so you have to choose where to eat out carefully. Don't forget that a 'sandwich vegetal' (vegetable sandwich) contains ham, an "arroz con verduras" (paella with vegetables) usually has pork and/or chicken, and an 'ensalada mixta' (mixed salad) usually has tuna on it unless you specifically ask for it not to.


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El Estragon
Plaza de la Paja 10, Madrid (metro la Latina)
Tel: 913658982
Very good vegetarian and vegan dishes. A bit pricey (set menu at weekends 25 euros +). Busy at weekends so reservations advisable. Beer and wine available.
Bordadores 3 (near la plaza Mayor), Madrid
Tel: 91548017
This restaurant has a very good reputation for both value and taste. Friendly atmosphere. Centrally located. Some vegan dishes. Beer and wine available.
c/ Santiago Rusiñol, l3,
Palma de Mallorca
Tel: 971717505
One of the few vegetarian restaurants on the island. Daily midday set menu for a reasonable price. Quite small. Vegan dishes available.
Restaurant Sarasate
Calle San Nicolas 19 - 21, Pamplona
Tel: 948225727
Midday set menu. Some vegan dishes. Beer and wine available.
El Grillo Azul
C/El Grillo nº1 (opposite the Breton Theatre)
Tel: 923219233
Offers some vegan dishes. Uses mainly organic ingredients. Closed Sunday evenings and all day Monday. Pleasant atmosphere. Beer and wine available.
Arrai Txiki
Calle del campanario 3, Parte Vieja, San Sebastian
Tel: 943431302
One of just two vegetarian restaurants in the city. Centrally located. Very healthy, wholesome food. Midday set menu a bit pricey (doesn't include wine which is extra). Friendly atmosphere.
Restaurante la Luna
San Ramón, 23 (Barrio del Carmen), Valencia
Tel: 963322146
Friendly staff at this pleasant vegetarian restaurant. Tasty food. Some vegan dishes available.
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