Restaurants in Madrid


Madrid restaurants with special charm and reasonable prices
Restaurante La Favorita,
Covarrubias 25,
Tel. 91 448 3810
This restaurant specialises in dishes from Navarra and..... opera. Try this restaurant for a fun night out, and enjoy listening to waiters and waitresses sing opera as they serve the tables. The restaurant's impressive building is also HQ to the Opera Foundation of Navarra and the Opera Society of Madrid.
Restaurante El Séptimo.
Diego de León, 7
Tel. 91 562 29 40.
Atractive and original Madrid restaurant with wholesome food. Simple decoration, candles on checked table clothes, the food is very good. Offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes (quite unusual for Spain) and is very popular with locals so you are advised to reserve a table. Excellent prices. Highly recommended.
Restaurante Prada a tope.
Príncipe, 11
Tel. 91 429 59 21
If you are looking for simple recipies (i.e. meat, salads, chips, roasted peppers..) at low prices in a casual setting, then Prada a tope is your best bet. Good place to take children to. This restaurant is a franchise of the original Prada a tope establishment near Villafranca del Bierzo where a local man (Prada) set up his first restaurant in a barn and grew or reared all produce used in the dishes served there. Try the cherries in liquor for desert - simply delicious.
Restaurante Centro Riojano.
Serrano 25, 1º.
Tel. 915 750 337
This Centro Riojano was opened in Madrid by natives of La Rioja living in Madrid in the XIX Century and it is a fascinating place. The food served at the Centro Riojano reflects the richness of Riojan gastronomy renowned all over Spain. The menu, restricted to several delicious dishes changed depending on the time of year, is served with Rioja wines. Reasonable prices. Highly recommended.
Restaurante Teatriz.
Hermosilla, 15
Tel. 91 577 53 79
Once a theatre, this restaurant set in the elegant Salamanca district of Madrid, still conserves its stage, tall ceiling and stalls. Tables and chairs are set where the audience once enjoyed shows and plays. The food is good, but service can sometimes be slow as they do like to crowd as many customers in as possible. Prices are reasonable.
Restaurante Bice
Génova 19,
Tel. 91 319 10 78
Elegant restaurant serving excellent quality Italian food at very reasonable prices. Delicious salads and pasta, and a good wine-list. Withing walking distance of Plaza Colón.
Madrid's best known classic (and pricey) restaurants
Restaurante Zalacaín
Alvárez de Baena 4; Tel. 915 614 840
In the opinion of many experts, this is Madrid's most famous restaurants, where people not only go for the food, but also to see and to be seen. Classical nouveau cuisine, this elegant restaurant offers customers a gastronomical experience they won't easily forget. Professional service, car-parking service, mind-boggling wine list. The "menú de degustación" offers clients a taste of the restaurant's most emblematic dishes and costs about 90 euros.
Restaurante El Bodegón
Pinar, 15;
Tel. 915 234 478
Another classic in Madrid, comparable to Zalacaín in quality but with the added avantage of significantly lower prices - the menu de degustación here costs just 40 euros and is a bargain. Innovative cuisine, outstanding deserts and excellent wine-list, El Bodegón is best experienced in the evening when the atmosphere is more relaxed and clients can choose from a special menu.

Restaurante El Chaflán
Hotel Aristos,
Avda. Pio XII, 34;
Tel. 913 450 450


One of Madrid's newer restaurants set in the Hotel Aristos, El Chaflán is much less luxurious than Zalacaín and El Bodegón but offers excellent food and one of the best wine-lists available in Madrid the expensive prices of this restaurant have not prevented if from becoming one of Madrid's most popular new restaurants.

Restaurante La Broche
Hotel Miguel Angel. Miguel Angel, 29, Tel. 913 993 437

Restaurante Santceloni
Hotel Hesperia -Madrid.
Paseo de la Castellana, 57,
Tel. 912 108 840

Both of these restaurants are set in hotels in Madrid and have risen in popularity among Madrid's "jetset" in recent years. Spain's "Gourmetour" hits the nail on its head when it says of Santceloni that customers eating there are made to feel like "a king" (or queen!) for a day. Attentive service, charming decoration, delicious innovative dishes, both La Broche and Santceloni offer modern cuisine at a high price.
Fish and seafood restaurants in Madrid

El Foque
Suero de Quiñones 22
Tel: 91 519 257 273


This little restaurant just behind the National Auditorium in Madrid specialises in cod recipes. Decorated with all sorts of shipping articles, the restaurant staff are professional and friendly. Customers can choose from over 30 different fresh cod dishes, or can order a "degustación" with a small portion of four or five specialities. The simple dessert menu includes the best natillas with almonds you are ever likely to taste. Prices high.
La Dorada
Orfila 3,
Tel 91 308 03 82
Excellent choice for all kinds of high quality seafood dishes at reasonable prices. Popular with locals, travellers and the odd Spanish tv star. Read a more detailed description in best restaurants in Spain. Highly recommended.
Lur Maitea
Fernando El Santo 4, Tel.923 080 350
Possibly the best Basque restaurant specialising in fish in the whole of Madrid. Try any of the seafood dishes and, if in season, their wild mushrooms. Also worthy of mention the delicious foie with grapes and apples. Good wine list and attentive service. Medium to high prices.
Best international restaurants in Madrid
Restaurante Thai Gardens.
Jorge Juan, 5;
Tel: 91 577 88 84
Thai restaurant full of charm. Outstanding food served in an atmosphere of flowers and water and Thai elegance. We recommend the menú de degustación which gives you a little taste of the delights served in this restaurant. If you go for lunch, don't expect to eat again until the following day. And if you go for dinner, have a very light lunch. Very reasonable prices.
Restaurante Annapurna.
Zurbano, 5;
Tel : 91 319 87 16
Indian restaurant servicing good quality Indian food at a reasonable price. Attractive decor, this restaurant is very popular with business people and tends to have an international clientele. Closed at weekends.
Restaurante la Fondue de Tell Divino Pastor 12;
Tel. 91 594 42 77
Swiss restaurant specialised in Fundues. Cheese fundues, raclettes, chocolate fundues. Don't come here if you are on a diet, but if you don't have to worry about the calories this restaurant is a real fun experience. Children love it. Low prices and excellent quality.
Restaurante Al-Mounia,
Recoletos, 5;
Tel. 91 435 08 28
Arab restaurant. Delightful decor and excellent quality food from Morocco. The lamb is exquisite and you are unlikely to try a better cous-cous anywhere else.
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