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Have you ever felt what it would be like to sleep in a real castle. Or do you prefer rural tourism and enjoy visiting really privileged spots from where you can experience nature first hand from the comfort of a first class hotel.


If so, then you will really enjoy Spanish paradors, one of Spain's Franco dictatorship better legacies. The Parador chain of hotels was devised as a way of financing the restoration and upkeep of historic buildings, and they all offer comfortable accomodation at a relatively attractive price. Categories range from 3 stars (usually rural hotels Spanish "finca" style) to 5 stars (the most spectacular ones), but most are 4 stars.





We offer specific information and honest reviews on the paradors in Spain visited by Euroresidentes.

This parador is set in Alarcon, a beautiful medieval village next to the Jucar River gorge. The village is tiny and typical of rural Spain - small narrow streets lined with low stone houses, all leading to the village plaza and almost more churches than houses. It is illuminated at night, so a stroll after dinner is a good idea. A wall surrounds the village.

The parador only has about 30 rooms, and it is necessary to book in advance. The rooms are comfortable, and the parador was recently refurbished. The result is spectacular - modern touches and furnishings and bright colours contrast with their historical surroundings, giving this parador a unique air. The restaurant serves good food - not one of the best parador restaurants, but still good - and the service is fast. Just one complaint about Alarcon parador - the prices. It is one of Spain's priciest paradors and certainly the price of the tower junior suite rooms (often the only rooms left if you book on the same day) is too high.

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