Horcher Restaurant in Madrid

The Horcher restaurant is among Madrid's most classic restaurants, its prestige and history can't be ignored. Excellent game dishes as well as its delicious 'Baumkuchen' - (as required by Horcher standards. There are other things that have remained the same: its style and elegance, its carefully prepared dishes and excellent service which are all top quality.

The restaurant's setting, near Alcalá and its views over the Retiro Park promote a conservative atmosphere and a meeting place for Spanish people from all walks of life.

Horcher has been criticised for changing little over the years, however this doesn't seem to bother its clients who go their to taste delicacies such as Iranian caviar, foie with truffles, sardine crepes or even a tasty hamburger. There are also some Horcher classic sections on the menu such as soups, salads, eggs and vegetables (similar to Jockey)


Carlos Horcher has Germanic roots and is well experienced in international cuisine. However he has gained most critical acclaim for his game dishes.

Delicious, original desserts.

Classic wine list with a wide selection of riojas.

Etiquete: Men are required to wear and jacket and tie.

Address, map in google and telephone number
Alfonso XII, 6. (Madrid). Tel: 91 522 0731 y 915 323 596
Chef: Carlos Horcher - Aquilino García

Recommended dishes

Arenque a la crema con obleas de patata. Ensalada de patatas a la mostaza Pommery con huevo poché. Ensalada de berros con colas de cangrejo. Lubina asada con compota de tomate. Civet de ciervo con lombarda, arándanos y manzana. Ragú de venado. Tarta de árbol con helado y salsa de chocolate.

Further information

Closed Saturday at midday, Sundays, Easter week and August

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Horcher's rating in the following gastronomic guides
Michelín Gourmetour Campsa
- star 7.50 3 sols
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