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Spanish-English dictionary: Real Estate

Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

This Spanish-English glossary is our attempt to make buying or selling property in Spain a little bit easier.

We think we have included all the most important Spanish terms related to house-buying and their English equivalent.

Click on the word to get a much fuller description of each term on a seperate page. If you want to suggest a term we may have left out of this Spanish-English real estate dictionary, send us an email.


Abogado Lawyer/solicitor (see also Solicitor fees in Spain) Hipotecar to mortgage
Administrador de fincas Spanish licensed property administrator Hipoteca de inversión Endowment mortgage
Agente de la Propiedad Property Agent Hipotecable Mortgageable
Amortización Repayment of loan/mortgage, depreciation IBI Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles Spanish yearly property tax
Arbitraje Arbitration Impuesto sobre actos jurídicos documentados Legal documentation tax
Arras Down Payment, deposit Impuesto sobre el Incremento del Valor de Terrenos Tax on the increase of land value
Arrendador Landlord Impuesto sobre el patrimonio Capital gains tax Spain
Arrendatario Tenant Inmobiliaira Estate agent
Aval Loan guarantee IVA Vivienda Property VAT
Avalista Guarantor (of a loan) Libre de cargas Free of debts
Bungalow 2 or 3 storey terraced house Libro del edificio Documents handed over by the promoter when a building is finished
Caja de ahorros Spanish savings banks Licencia de obra Building permission
Cargas Charges, burden, arrears N.I.E. NIE
Catastro Spanish Land Register Notario Notary
Cláusula Clause in a contract Nota simple registral Certificate from a property register
Cláusula abusiva Unfair clause in a contract usually to the detriment of the consumer Novación Renegotiation of mortgage terms
Cédula de habitabilidad Certificate of occupancy Obra Nueva Document certifying a brand new building
Certificado registral Certificate informing about debts of a specific property Oferta vinculante Bank document certifying the exact mortgage conditions
Chalet Villa Pago en efectivo Cash payment
Compra sobre plano Off-plan property purchase Parcela Plot of land
Comunidad de propietarios Association of property owners Piso Flat
Contrato de arrendamiento Letting/renting contract Poder Power of attorney
Contrato de compraventa de vivienda Private property sales contract Préstamo con techo Loan with variable interest rates with a fixed minimum and maximum
Cooperativa de viviendas Housing co-operative Préstamo cualificado VPO Special loan given only for the purchase of low-cost housing
Cuenta de ahorro vivienda Housing savings account with special tax benefits Préstamo hipotecario Mortgage loan
Derecho de tanteo Right of first refusal Plusvalía Municipal Capital gains tax on the sale of property
Derecho de retracto Right of repurchase Proindiviso Co-ownership, when a property has more that one owner
Desahucio Eviction Promotor Property developer
División horizontal Official document to describe division pf property between different owners Registro de la propiedad Property ownership register
Documento privado Private document Representante fiscal Official tax representative
Documento público Public document Residencia (permiso) Residency permit
Escritura Deeds Residente Resident
Escritura pública de compraventa Title deeds Segunda vivienda Second home
Euribor Official Euro Interbank offered interest rate Seguro multirreisgo hogar House insurance
Fianza Deposit Se alquila For rent
Finca Estate Se vende For sale
Folleto informativo Information leaflet/brochure Seguro de amortización de préstamos Loan repayment insurance
Gestoría Firm specialised in obtaining official authorisations, permits, licences etc Señal Deposit, down payment
Gestoras de cooperatives Firm specialised in obtaining official paperwork in relation to housing co-operatives Subvención Subsidy
Hipoteca Mortgage in Spain Superficie útil Useable square metres in a property
Tipo sustitutivo de referencia Substitution of the official interest rate - for example the euribor Tasación Independent valuation of property
Titulo de propiedad Deeds stating the ownership of property, date of sale etc... Terreno Plot of land
Valor catastral Registered value of land Tipo de interés Interest rate
Verificación Verification Vivienda de Protección Oficial (VPO) Low-cost housing subsidised by the state


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