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Cargas - burdens 

Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

Cargas in Spanish is burdens or arrears in English. This refers to the limitations in control or rights over a property or estate. In Spanish law these must be set out in a public document and included in the Spanish Property Ownership Register. Examples of burdens - mortgages, unpaid bills, unresolved disputes etc

Libre de cargas is Spanish for free of burdens. A property that is free of burdens mean that the present owners have no restrictions over their control of the estate or property.

This requirement in Spanish law to show whether a property has burdens is as much in the interests of the owners as the potential buyers.

If you are the owner the fact that your property is registered gives you the reassurance that there are no hidden charges, unpaid bills or other problems dating back to previous ownership.





If you are the potential buyer you can ask to see the Property Ownership Register to see who the legal owner of the property you are interested in is and whether there are any burdens attached to the property such as mortgages or whether it has been used as a guarantee for other loans which you may unknowingly inherit as the new owner. You can get a Spanish lawyer to do this for you or consult the property ownership register website.

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