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Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

Spanish property laws are different from other European countries, and we strongly advise all foreign property buyers in Spain to find the service of a reputable law firm with experience in the property market.

Many lawyers, especially in tourist areas, offer bilingual legal services or, if the lawyers themselves cannot speak English, German, French etc., they include a Spanish translator as part of their services as well as translation of documents from Spanish to your mother language.

spanish lawyersSome estate agents offer their clients using their own Spanish solicitors, and even though you may be recommended to choose this option, please do not forget to make sure that this lawyer is an independent one that represents your interests in Spain and not the Real Estate Agents´.





The Spanish term for a company of lawyers or solicitors is Bufete de Abogados. Many Spanish consultancy companies, asesorías, offer a combination of legal services and financial services (tax declarations, plusvalía...).

If you can, try to use the services of a company recommended to you by someone. Try ringing your local consulate to see if they can recommend a company. Depending on whereabouts in Spain you are buying a house, we may be able to recommend reputable, bilingual (Spanish-English) lawyers. Write to us for further information. See also lawyers' prices in Spain.

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