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Property for sale in Spain

Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

forsaleDo you want to sell your house in Spain? More and more potential buyers wanting to buy a house abroad use the Internet to start looking for their new home in Spain. And more and more sellers put their property for sale in Spain on the Internet to reduce the cost of an estate agent commission.






Visit our free site for people selling property in Spain and advertise your house for sale in Spain. Don't forget to include your email address or or telephone number so that people interested in buying can get in directly in touch with you.

If you are looking for property, check out the growing list of villas, houses, apartments or flats listed in our site Tutipi. Euroresidentes does not act as a go-between between people wanting to sell their home in Spain, or new-comers looking for something to purchase. We just provide a space for sellers and buyers of property in Spain to advertise free of charge and free of commission.

If you see a property you like the look (and price) of in our property for sale in Spain site, once you have struck a deal with the seller, don't forget to hire the services of a good Spanish lawyer before handing over a deposit, so that he or she can check out the property deeds and ownership prior to signing any documents.

If you would like us to recommend one to you depending on where you are buying the property, send us an email with your request. We have a list of companies used by our visitors, and are able to advise you at no cost.

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