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Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

Please note that this information is no longer up to date due to the huge reforms and fusions taking place in the banking sector at the moment in Spain. We will update it shortly.






The Santander Bank is Spain's most important private bank and its network of branches, stakes in other banks and take-overs extends well beyond the Spanish borders, to Portugal, Britain (see article about Banco Santander take-over of British bank Abbey National) and further afield to Latin America and the USA.

The Santander offers bank services in a range of currencies to its international clients. It offers an online bank which, to be honest, still doesn't work as smoothly as it could. And it offers mortgages in different currencies too although not very competetive rates compared to other Spanish banks.

The Santander Bank has a good home banking system which non-residents in Spain may find useful. Customers dial a telephone number and can carry out a full range of transactions or ask to be given information about their bank account. This service has what the bank calls "international advisers" who speak English and German to non-Spanish-speaking customers.

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