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Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

Caixabank is one of the Spain's biggest banks and although it is has its headquarters in Barcelona ("Caixa" is the catalan translation of "Caja"), the Caixabank has 4732 branches all over Spain and over 23.000 employees.>






Caixabank has one of the best online banking facilities available in Spain and non-Spanish speakers have a special interface so that they can perform bank operations from home, in Spain or abroad, in their own language.

The online banking facility is also available in French, German, Italian and Portuguese which gives users an indication of the specialised service Caixabank offers to its foreign customers.Caixabank works closely with immigrant groups in Spain and finance social integration projects in Spain to improve the quality of life of these groups. Since 1997 the bank has donated 7.2 million euros to development projects in Latin America and Africa.

Caixabank also offers a special card enabling Latinamerican and North African immigrants to transfer money to their native country directly from a cashpoint.

Find out more about the services offered by the Caixabank here.

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