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Emergency phone numbers in Spain

Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

The last thing you want to think about when buying property in Spain is what do do in an emergency.... But emergencies can happen sometimes, and much better to know what to do or where to call should they happen to you. Here is a list of emergency telephone numbers we would advise you to copy and stick on your fridge or put in your purse or wallet, just in case.

Don't expect Spanish emergency services to speak English. Try and telephone with a Spanish-speaker if you can. Otherwise, be patient, speak slowly and clearly and, if possible, work out a few basic sentences in Spanish. Whoever is at the other end of the telephone line will end up understanding you, but it may take a while.>

If you require urgent police attention, ambulance, fire brigade etc. 112 (no area code)
If you want to report assault, robbery or accident to the police 902 102 112
Road accidents or information about weather and traffic congestion







British Consular Emergency Service for any emergency queries at any time of any day. Leave a message and someone will normally get back to you within one hour of your call. 91 524 97 00
General enquiries to the British Embassy 91 700 82 00,
91 319 0200
Loss of British credit card List of numbers here

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