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Monday, October 8, 2007

Beaches in San Sebastian.

San Sebastián is a beautiful, charming city in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa, with a population of around 200,000 inhabitants. It is a very popular tourist destination and has some very pretty beaches. There are 3 city beaches and several other nice beaches in pretty villages just a short drive or bus journey from San Sebastián. Here is a description of the best beaches in and near San Sebastián. To see their exact location, see Map of the best beaches in San Sebastian or see a small version of the map at the end of this article.

  • The Concha Beach. Located within the Concha bay, this is the largest and most central of San Sebastian’s 3 beaches. It has fine, golden sand and forms an arc covering about 2 kilometres. It is very good for swimming as it has calm water most of the time. It has lots of very good facilities like showers (indoor and outdoor), toilets, lockers, changing rooms and life guards. The blue and white sun shades which cover a large section of the beach during the holiday season can be hired daily, per week, per month or per season and form a typical feature of beaches in San Sebastian. There is also an area reserved for sports on the beach. See photos of Concha Beach.
  • Ondarreta Beach is also situated in the Concha bay and is connected to the Concha beach by a narrow walkway which disappears at high tide. It is much smaller than the Concha beach but has the same facilities. In summer it has a childrens’ club with two swimming pools and canoes for hire. There is a large car park about 500 metres from the beach.
  • Zurriola Beach went under extensive redevelopment in 1995 when it was enlargened considerably. It is located in front of the Moneo Cubes. This beach faces onto the open sea and attracts many surfers all year round. It has the same facilities as the Concha as well as a children’s club during the summer, a surfing school and surf boards for hire (all year round).
  • Fuenterrabia Beach. This small beach has fine, golden sand and is located in Fuenterrabia, a fishing village about 20 kilometres from San Sebastian just on the border with France. It has good facilities such as showers, toilets and a large car park near the beach. You can see France on the other side of the bay from here. Some excellent places to eat, including Alameda Restaurant and Ramón Roteta .
  • Hendaia Beach is located just inside France. It is opposite Fuenterrabia. It is wide, sandy beach several kilometres long. Popular with surfers.
  • Zarautz beach is quite long with fine, golden sand. It faces onto the open sea and also attracts lots of surfers. It is about 20 kilometres from San Sebastian going towards Bilbao. One of Spain's most famous chefs has his restaurant here, see Karlos Arguiñano
  • Getaria has two small, sandy beaches with lifeguards, showers and toilets. It is a small fishing village some world-class restaurants including Elkano Restaurant and Kaia y Asador Kaipe

Orio, Zumaia, Deba and Mutriko also have small sandy beaches and are located within Guipuzcoa dotted along the coastline going towards Bilbao.

See larger version of map

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beaches in Santander

Santander is one of Spain's most beautiful cities, and the coastline and beaches add to its overall charm and beauty. The contrast offered by the golden sand, green hills and rocky outlets is a feast for the eye.

Santander, capital city of the Region of Cantabria, is an extremely well-planned and clean city, and the beaches are no exception. They have plenty of facilities and are easily accessible on foot or by bus. On hot Summer days they can get quite crowded and are very popular with families and elderly people, but there is room for everyone and because the weather is somewhat unreliable, they never get as crowded as Mediterranean beaches. See below for a description of the best beaches in Santander. See also map of beaches in Santander to see their exact location, and visit Guide to Santander for more information about what this lovely city offers to visitors, Hotels in Santander for ideas about where to stay, and Guide to Cantabria for places of interest nearby.

Best beaches in Santander

  1. Playa de la Concha: Small urban beach - just 250m long - with a promenade. Golden sand, moderate waves and very popular all year round. SOS, Red Cross and life guards, clean. There is a carpark nearby, and also a tourist info., public telephones, showers, public toilets and it is possible to hire sunshades and/or sunbeds. Near the Santander Marina.
  2. Playa del Sardinero: Blue flag, this 1300m stretch of golden sand is Santander's longest - and most popular - beach. There is a park at one end, and a promenade just above the beach which continues along to the Magdalena. Lots of hotels, restaurants, fast food places and bars nearby. Moderate waves, sunshades and sunbeds to rent, showers, carparking facilities, lifeguards, toilets and access for handicapped people At the end nearest the Magdalena each Sunday morning locals meet to play "palas", a game played with wooden bats and a small ball in which couples hit the ball to each other in long rallies.
  3. Playa El Camello: Blue flag, 200m. Small beach with showers and basic facilities, very popular during high season.
  4. Playa Mataleñas: Beautiful bay on the outskirts of Santander. Overlooked by green fields and rocky cliffs. Golden sand, clean waters and a nice coastal walk, despite being quite isolated this is a very popular beach. Public toilets and showers but no other on-beach facilities.
  5. Playa de la Magdalena: 900 mts., golden sand and some rocks, life guards, toilets, showers, public phones, access for handicapped visitors, mooring facilities and boat hire.
  6. Playa de los Bikinis: Presumably Bikini Beach was where the more daring tourists used to go when the bikini started to be an acceptable item of beachware towards the end of Franco's regime. 250 m., golden sand, calm sea, toilets, showers, Red Cross emergency services and public telephones.
  7. Playa los Peligros: Which translated means "Dangers Beach" . 200 m., very popular, golden sand and moderate waves. Emergency services, car park nearby, toilets and showers.
  8. Playa Virgen del Mar, Playa La Maruca and Playa El Bocal are all small, uncrowded beaches just a short drive (or busride) from Santander. El Bocal is sandy, the other two are rocky beaches. None of them have any on-beach facilities.
  9. Playa El Rostro: Small, quiet beach with golden sand and calm waters just opposite Santander. No on-beach facilities, ideal for people looking for a quiet day out away from the crowds.

See larger map of beaches in Santander


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Beaches in Huelva

Huelva is one of Spain's most unspoilt areas and boasts a number of wild, unspoilt beaches perfect for sun and beach-lovers eager to escape the crowds. Set just next to Spanish-Portuguese border, it offers easy access to southern Portugal which is another plus for visitors. For further information on Huelva see our Guide to Huelva. For a description of the best beaches in Huelva see below. And to see their direct location on Google's interactive map, see Map of beaches in Huelva.

Best beaches in Huelva, Spain:

In Huelva capital:

  • Playa El Espigón: located in the Marismas de Odiel Natural Park this beach is 2.5 km long and 40m wide. Golden sand. No lifeguards available and recently we have had some complaints from visitors about pollution from the River Espigón. Car park available.

Beaches in Almonte, Huelva:

  • Playa de Matalascañas: A town beach, 4000 mteres long, and a great favourite with families. Golden sand, facilities including toilets and showers, sunshades and sunbeds, watersports and nearby carpark. You can get to the Doñana sand dunes from here. This beach has been awarded the blue flag.

  • Playa Castilla: 20.000 metres long, this enormous beach is surrounded by the Doñana National Park, this isolated and protected beach is one of Huelva’s jewels. No services available. Nudism is allowed. Only accessible on foot.

Beaches in Isla Cristina, a lovelypart of Huelva, surrounded by salt marshes. Used to be quite deserted but is getting more crowded by the year:

  • Playa de Isla Canela: A town beach with golden sand, salt marshes, sand dunes.

  • Playa de la Redondela: A small isolated beach with golden sand surrounded by eucalyptus trees.

  • Playa de Punta Caimán: A small unspoilt sandy beach - no facilities and difficult to access.

  • Playa del Moral: Unspoilt, sandy beach with calm sea. No facilities.

Beaches in Cartaya, Huelva:

  • Playa del Portil: A town beach 4000 long, golden sand, facilities, near the Portil and Enebrales lagoons and the Odiel salt marshes (see National Parks).

  • Playa del Rompido: 1000 metres long, near the town, golden sand, not many facilities, surrounded by countryside La Flecha de Cartaya.(see National Parks).

Beaches in Lepe, Huelva:

  • Playa La Antilla: A town beach 4000 metres long, facilities, golden sand.

  • Playa Nueva Umbría: Unspoilt, nudist, few services in a beautiful natural setting in Parajes Naturales de las Piedras and Flecha Nueva Umbría.

  • Playa Islantilla: A holiday resort, good facilities, golden sand, good atmosphere.

Beaches in Moguer, Huelva:

  • Playa del Parador: Unspoilt beach with a few facilities, including lifeguards and showers. Surrounded by cliffs and pine and eucalyptus trees. Just 500 m. Long. Gets its name from the parador hotel nearby

Beaches in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva:

  • Playa de Mazagón: An urban beach – 5.5 km long. Golden sand and calm waters aswell as good facilities (showers, sun umbrellas, sunbeds, marina, watersports....) make this a very popular beach with locals and tourists. Access on foot and by car.

Beaches in Punta Umbría, Huelva: Distinctive - all of them have been awarded blue flags.

  • Playa Punta Umbría: A town beach, golden sand, facilities, good atmosphere, this is the most built-up beach in the area and is popular with families. 3.800m long

  • Playa de la Bota: Golden sand, unspoilt, isolated within in an area of sand dunes and pine forests. Popular with bathers and fishers. Great for strolling along. Not many services although it does have some showers.

  • Playa La Mata Negra / Los Enebrales: Unspoilt, golden sand, no facilities, isolated, this is one of Huelva’s wildest beaches.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Beaches in Alicante

This is a list and description of the best beaches in and around Alicante. To see the exact location of each beach see the map below or click on Map of beaches in Alicante. Alicante's economy depends on the tourism industry, and as a result most of the beaches here are clean and have services either on the beach itself or very near. However it is still possible to find the odd beach hidden away from the crowds. There are also a couple of nudist beaches.

The best beaches in Alicante

  • Playa Postiguet: within walking distance from the town center, this beach is popular all year round both with locals and with visitors. The promenade goes along the full length of the long beach and is flanked by palm trees. Good facilities, golden sand, life guards, beach bars and nearby restaurants.

  • Playa La Albufereta: picuresque small bay a couple of miles up the coast from the Postiguet. Golden, fine sand, beach bar, life guard in high season, water sports and leisure platform. Very near main road.

  • Cala de la Palmera and Cala Cantalars both form part of the Cabo Huertas rocky cape which reaches out into the deep blue Mediterranean sea. Nudist beach made up of small rocky coves, crystal clear water, ideal for snorkelling. No services. Family-friendliest in the Summer months. During low season you can expect to encounter some quite odd nudes hanging around.

  • Playa de San Juan: Alicante's longest and best beach. 7km of golden sand. Excellent facilities, life guards in high season, water sports, beach bars, restaurants, long promenade, play area for children, accessible on foot and by car, bike, tram and bus. Very crowded during the Summer months and popular all year round.

  • Playa Muchavista: The continuation of San Juan Beach, Muchavista offers the same services and facilities and has the advantage of being slightly less crowded in the Summer
  • Playa Carrer La Mar: El Campello's main beach, divided into small bays, with sand and pebbles. Ideal for families with small children. Small play area and lovely pedestrian promenade with lots of restaurants and bars. Well away from the main road.

  • Playa Almadrava: Small sandy and pebbly beach, hidden away from the crowds with a small island just opposite where you can look for sea urchins. No on-beach services or life guard.
  • Playa Agua Amarga: On the southern side of Alicante, this beach can be seen from the coastal road linking Alicante to its airport. Very narrow and not very clean because of its proximity to Alicante's industrial port.
  • Playa Urbanova: Next to a large complex of apartments with all sorts of leisure possibilities. Grey sands. Very popular with people living on the southern side of the town, it gets very crowded in high season.
  • Playa Arenales del Sol: One of Alicante's best beaches, this long stretch of dunes and golden sand is particularly popular with young people. Lots of restaurants and bars close at hand.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Beaches in Malaga

The best beaches in Malaga (to see the location of each one see Map of Malaga's best beaches. See small version below).

  • Playa de la Malagueta: A town beach that has been awarded a blue flag, located 10 minutes from the centre in Paseo Pablo Picasso, 1200 metres long, busy, black sand, good facilities, life guards, accessible by bus, restaurants and beach bars.

  • Playa Palo: Located next to El Candado marina (good for sailing, diving and swimming...) many little coves, quite busy, life guards, promenade, good atmosphere, facilities, restaurants, beach bars, car park.

  • Playa Huellín:, A town beach, located in the promenade named after Antonio Banderas, good atmosphere, quite busy, beach bars, life guards, good facilities, accessible by bus.
  • Playa Las Acacias: Very popular beach, so get there early. Grey, fine sand, excellent facilities, 1200m long and 20m wide it is divided into sheltered sandy coves by long rocky breakwaters. Very popular with young people. Lively promenade.

Playas near Malaga. If you are looking for quieter more secluded beaches then hire a car and drive a short distance along the Costa del Sol to the following beaches:

  • Playa Torrox: About 30 miles up the coast, this is a much less-crowded beach. Just 300m long. The only inconvenience is its proximity to the main road.
  • Playa Benajarafe in Velez Malaga: Just a short drive away, some regard this as Malaga's best beach. Dark, fine sand, over 4km long and 33m wide.
  • Playa Almayate Bajamar in Velez Malaga. Nearly 4km long, this nudist beach gives you an idea of what the coast used to look like before tourism took over. Plans to build a promenade however may mean that it's time asMalaga's only unspoilt beach is limited.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beaches in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria has a large number of beautiful beaches with the added advantage that visitors can swim in the sea all year round. The island has a warm climate and the temperature of the water is around 18ºC in winter and 22ºC in summer. As in other areas of Spain where tourism is the biggest source of income, all beaches have good facilities and are kept very clean.

In the south of Gran Canaria the weather is generally warmer and it is nearly always sunny. There are some nudist beaches as well as many pretty small coves. The best known beaches are:

Beaches in Las Palmas:

  • Playa de Las Canteras: This is the best beach and is considered to be one of the best in Spain. It is 3000 metres long with fine, golden sand and a calm sea. There are very good facilities as well as many bars with terraces, restaurants and a promenade. There is a reef 2 kilometres from the shore which protects the beach and sea life from the open sea creating a unique ecosystem. Nearest port: Puerto de Las Alcaravaneras. An ideal place for diving, surfing, bodyboarding and windsurfing. Very busy.
  • Playa de Alcararavenas: Located in Puerto de La Luz and next to 2 nautical clubs. This beach is almost 1000 metres long, very busy, near the town, with fine, golden sand and a calm sea. Nearest port: Puerto de Las Alcaravaneras. Accessible by bus, facilities (showers and toilets etc), life guards. Ideal for wind surfing, surfing, sailing and bodyboarding.
  • Playa El Confital: This is an open beach. Idea for wind surfing, surfing, sailing and body boarding. Located next to the small island in Puerto de la Luz. The nearest port: Puerto de Las Alcaravaneras. It is 180 metres long, not very busy, unspoilt with fine, golden sand, large waves and strong currents, surrounded by rocks, accessible by bus, facilities (showers and toilets etc)
  • Playa de San Cristóbal: A wide beach 950 metres long, near the town, medium sized waves. Ideal for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.
  • Playa de La Laja: Unspoilt, 1200 metres long with fine, grey sand, a paradise for surfers, busy, medium sized waves, accessible by bus. Nearest port Puerto de Las Alcaravaneras.

Beaches in Maspalomas:

  • Playa de Maspalomas: Dunes, fine. golden sand, calm sea, 2700 metres long, busy, near the town, accessible by bus, there is a nudist area. Ideal for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.
  • Playa Pasito Blanco: Located next to the port, 450 metres long, near the town, fine, golden sand, calm sea, accessible by bus, life guards. An ideal place for diving.
  • Playa del Inglés: Located in Maspalomas, sand dunes, fine, golden sand, 2700 metres long, busy, in an urban location, accessible by bus, life guards. The nearest port is Pasito Blanco. Near hotels with gardens, very good facilities, good for water sports and ideal for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.
  • Playa del Faro de Maspalomas: Sand dunes and an old lighthouse. This is in a protected natural reserve. Ideal for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.
  • Playa de San Agustín: Located in Maspalomas, peaceful with dark sand, good facilities. Ideal for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.
  • Playa del Faro: In Maspalomas, 560 metres long, busy, near the town, sandy with pebbles, windy with medium sized waves, life guards, car park. Nearest port: Pasito Blanco.

Puerto Mogán:

  • Playa de Puerto Rico: Located in Puerto Mogan. Very good artificial beach with good facilities, you can do all sorts of water sports here as well as go on boat trips, 250 metres long with fine, golden sand and calm sea, busy, accessible by bus, life guards, good facilities. Nearest port: Puerto Rico.
  • Playa Mogán: Located in Puerto Mogán, 190 metres long, grey sand with pebbles, calm water, accessible by bus, life guards, good facilities. Ideal for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding.
  • Playa Patalavaca-Anfi del Mar: Located in Araguineguín (Puerto Mogán). A small artificial beach with fine, grey sand, 290 metres long, calm water, surrounded by a marina and hotels, near the town, busy, accessible by bus, good facilities. Nearest port: Pasito Blanco.

Beaches in Tirajana:

  • Playa Meloneras: Located in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, 460 metres long, unspoilt, busy, fine golden sand with pebbles, windy, calm sea, life guards, car park. Nearest port: Pasito Blanco.
  • Playa Mujeres: Located in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, 500 metres long, unspoilt, windy, calm sea, good facilities, busy. Nearest port: Pasito Blanco.

Beaches in Arinaga-Aguimes:

  • Playa Cabrón: Located 31 kilometres from the airport in Arinaga. This beach is 290 metres long, unspoilt, quite busy, windy, calm sea, life guards. Nearest port: Puerto Taliarte. Ideal for diving.

See larger map

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