Murcia is Spain’s fastest growing region

Yesterday Spain’s National Statistics Institute released the latest figures related to regional growth. The region of Murcia (Costa Calida)leads the ranking of fastest growing regions, with a growth of 3.99 percent in its GDP since 2000. The region to have experienced the slowest growth during the same period is the Balearic Islands with a growth of just 2.29 percent, well below Spain’s national average of 3.36 percent.

Andalusia comes second in the league of Spanish regional growth between 2000 and 2006 with 3.72 percent followed by Madrid with 3.57 percent.

In figures relating to the final year covered in the study (2006) Murcia, Cantabria, Galicia and the Basque Country all experienced a growth in GDP of 4.

1 percent, two points above the growth in national GDP (3.9%). With respect to this last year, the Canary Islands comes bottom (3.3%), just after the Balearic Islands (3.4%).

Average salaries in Spain

The report released yesterday by the INE also includes information about salary growth per Spanish region. Growth in gross available income per citizen has risen most in the Basque country (17,066€ per annum)and Navarra (13,384€), well above Spain’s average income of 13,384. The lowest salaries are paid in Extremadura (10,327€) and Andalucia (10,798€).