British Museum Exhibition in Alicante

The British Museum exhibition Art and Empire: Treasures from Assyria in the British Museum opens today in the MARQ Museum in Alicante with exhibits dating from the 9th and 7th centuries B.C.. This exhibition has already been shown in museums in New York, Mexico, Copenhagen and Shanghai.

The Treasures from Assyria exhibition consists of more than 200 pieces and objects from the ancient Assyrian culture. It is divided into three main exhibition halls with exhibits from palaces and temples, magic and religion and everyday life and handicraft. Together these exhibits describe life, culture and art in the Assyrian Empire of ancient Mesopotamia from the Ninth to the Seventh Centuries B.C.

The exhibition opens today in Alicante and runs through to 30th September. Alicante’s MARQ Museum is considered to be one of Europe’s best and most didactic archeological museums. Security measures have been increased inside and outside the museum to ensure proper protection of the British Museum exhibition and the museum has also improved temperature and humidity levels in order to guarantee returning the exhibits to the British Museum in perfect condition.

An audio guide is available to visitors in English, Spanish and Valenciano.

MARQ has announced that the exhibition marks the beginning of a new and ongoing collaboration between the British Museum and MARQ which will include exchange visits of art experts from both museums.

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