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Forum 2004, Barcelona

The first web in Spain for foreing residents

The Forum 2004 in Barcelona was an unprecedented international event which in the end did not really live up to the expectation caused, and ended up being a very expensive event. This is the page we prepared to describe the programme to could-be visitors.

The Forum is dedicated to the principles of Cultural Diversity, World Peace and Sustainable Economic Development. 5 million people are expected to join together in Barcelona to share, discuss, learn, and discover how we can all contribute to a better world.

There are 45 Dialogues on the most important issues of our time with recognized experts, distinguished speakers, celebrated personalities and dedicated people like you offering real solutions—and converting words to action.

Program of dialogues:
Science, Knowledge and Sustainable Development New Agents, New Dynamics
Cultural Diversity and the Media Living Together
The Word Freedom, Security and Peace
Globalization and Development The Role of Education
Some unheard voices: Women, youth, intergenerational and intercultural communication
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How to get there: public and private transport

Line L4: station “Maresme / Fòrum” 

Trambesòs Line 1 – Stop: “Fòrum” 
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Renfe (Trains):
Local train services stopping at Sant Adrià. All trains stop at this station. From there, take the tram to the Forum Site.
Renfe local train - Barcelona

- Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB):
Routes 7, 36, 41, 43 and 141
- Nit Bus: Line N6 
- TPC Nit: lines N30, N50, N60, N61, N64, N71, N81 and N82.
- B23 (Tusgsal)

Two taxi stands available, one in front of the Convention Center (for conference participants) and the other in front of the Diagonal entrance to the Forum Site (for visitors).

How to get there: private vehicles
Parking space for 3,965 cars available in the area immediately surrounding the Forum Site: 
- 1.600 at Diagonal Mar,
- 415 in carrer Llull or P2, and
- 1.950 in carrer Taulat or P1.
To access these parking lots, visitors must use exit 25 direction Besòs, and exit 24 direction Llobregat. 

Free parking is available for almost 1,000 motorcycles very close to the Forum’s main entrance. 

Parking location: Avda. Diagonal 280 (View map) Price: 18,20€ day or fraction. Pay upon arrival. Maximum 2 days parking. Parking lot guarded 24 hours a day. 
Parking lot rules:
-Park carefully and look after parking spots.
-do not pour liquids out from the interior of your vehicle. 
-No outdoor furniture or camping equipment, sunshades or clothes should be set up outside the vehicle.
-Don't dump used water in the parking area.
-Avoid making noise (this includes music).
-Domestic waste must be thrown away outside the parking area.




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