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Spain has one of the highest number of traffic accidents and people killed on the road in the EU. This section is designed to help visitors understand Spanish traffic regulations and gives some advice on driving on Spanish roads. You'll find general advice about driving norms, busiest roads and what kind of habits to expect from Spanish drivers on the Driving in Spain page. For specific advice on access and exit roads, where to avoid, where to park and how to drive around Spain's main cities, click on each individual city name below.

If you are travelling with a gps navegator, still take in your car a good map of the Spanish road system, because new roads are being built all the time and our experience is that even gps with updated information do not recognise the newest roads and roundabouts in many areas of Spain, whereas recent maps do have them pencilled in (maps can be bought at most Spanish petrol stations).

Click on these links for tips and advice about road travel in Spain. Further below, find some useful links to external sites offering further information on driving conditions, roadworks and roadmaps. And remember - have a safe journey!

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