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Driving in Murcia and surrounding areas

Driving in Murcia is quite simple. You enter the city using some easy access roads when arriving from Madrid, Andalucia, Cartagena, Alicante...

The only problem is the access to IKEA which is immensely popular and attracts many visitors from as far afield as Alicante, Valencia and Almería which means that traffic jams often build up on the Mediterranean motorway (A-7), especially on Saturdays. The football stadium is also nearby, causing further traffic hold ups on match days (usually Sunday). The map on the right shows how to get to IKEA - Murcia and the roads affected.

Access to Murcia: the Main Routes: New dual carriageways Mediterranean, Albacete - Madrid connect to the modern access roads into Murcia (Avenida Juan Carlos I, Avenida Don Juan de Borbón) - see this google map for further graphic details.





  • The Albacete-Madrid
  • A-7 Andalucía - Mediterráneo
  • A-7 Alicante - Mediterráneo
  • A-30 Cartagena Ring Road

Traffic and driving in Murcia city centre.

Once you are in the city driving isn't complex and modern new roads means that traffic is quite fluid except during rush hours. Parking is difficult. There is an underground carpark just next to the Town Hall just a short walk from the historic and commercial centre of Murcia, so if you are visiting for the day and don't want to spend ages looking for a parking space, your best bet is to go there.

  • Gran Vía Salcillo (click on name to see map) this is made up of the traditional access roads making it possible for you to reach one of the most central car parks near the River Segura, the Old Bridge and Murcia Townhall.

  • Rondas de Murcia these are important access roads which make it possible for drivers to access from any side of Murcia without having to cross the city centre

  • Towns and Villages near Murcia. A lot of them are small commuter towns without traffic problems. The following are just a few of the towns and villages near Murcia:
      • Alcantarilla
      • Cabezo de Torres
      • Puente Tocinos
      • Espinardo- Molina de Segura
      • Algezares
      • El Palmar
      • La Alberca

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