Spain, UK and Gibraltar sign agreement

Spain, the UK and Gibraltar sign an agreement involving joint use of Gibraltar’s airport.

The governments of Spain and the United Kingdom have announced the first agreements signed as a result of the round of negotiations which began 18 months ago to discuss the future of Gibraltar. The agreement is of particular significance because for the first time in the history of negotations over The Rock, meetings include representatives from the Gibraltan authorities and any agreement resulting from the talks must have the approval of all three parties.

According to the agreement signed today by Spain, the UK and Gibraltar, domestic flights linking Gibraltar with Spanish destinations can now operate from Gibraltar airport without the presence of Spanish and Gibraltan police controls which have been compulsory until now.

This agreement only affects Spanish flights and the application of European airport regulations will take placely in a more gradual way.

Military flights are not subject to the new agreement. There will also be a direct access to the airport from Spanish soil.

Passport controls of Spanish police will be carried out in a terrace to be constructed at the end of the terminal over Spanish territory, which means Spanish police and civil guard will be able to work inside the terminal, which is on Gibraltan territory, while in theory they will be in Spanish territory because of the position of the new terrace. All reforms will be financed by the Gibraltan authorities, and a new joint company will be set up to carry out the management and maintenance of the airport. The runway and the control tower will remain under the exclusive control of the British army.

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