Property for sale or rent in Spain

Euroresidentes has, over the past few years, slowly but surely become one of Spain’s largest webs, with more than 12 million visits each month. Euroresidentes began as a website specifically designed to answer the questions and needs of Europeans and expats looking for information about different aspects of living in Spain: travelling, holidaying, shopping, learning about the culture or buying a house in Spain. Infact, one of our most popular sections, in Spanish, English, French and German, is Property in Spain.

Over the past year or so we have signed agreements with various institutions, law companies and banks aimed at creating special products and standards of service for non-resident property-buyers in Spain, including agreements with Caja Madrid and Bankinter.

Since Euroresidentes was launched six years ago, we have answered thousands of queries from people looking to buy their dream home in Spain, and in need of specialised advice, a bit of encouragement, or a word of warning as each case may be. And as the number of people abroad looking for property in Spain continues to grow, and with it the demand for information, our policy is to remain objective in the advice we offer to our users.

Property for sale in SpainIn response to the growing demand for people looking to buy property in Spain, we have collaborated in the design of a new resource for visitors looking for property for sale or property for rent in Spain called Tutipi ( http://www. ). We have always been unwilling to recommend the services of one estate agency or promotor or another, despite requests to do so from potential buyers or property developers themselves. While we have passed on testimonies of satisfied customers to users asking us our opinion about one developer or another, we do not endorse the services of any particular company or agency.

But as the requests from users looking for property in Spain and asking advice increase each year, we have decided to go one step further and created a site which is completely free, both for people advertising property, and buyers looking for property in Spain. This way we hope to connect supply with demand within the democratic framework offered by Internet.

Tutipi enables property sellers to publish plans and photos and will eventually replace our other more basic Spain Property for Sale and Spain Property for Rent noticeboards altogether.

The service is free for everybody. As always any comments from our users, sellers, buyers or just helpful visitors, are more than welcome. And as the list grows and users find (hopefully) a bargain opportunity just in the area they wanted, our usual advice mot to rush into a purchase but to get proper legal advice before parting with any deposits obviously applies.