Princess Letizia pregnant again

The Spanish King and Queen yesterday confirmed that Princess Letizia, wife of Felipe, heir to the throne, is 2 months into her second pregnancy. Letizia gave birth to a girl, Leonar, last year.

The Royal Family usually wait three months to announce pregnancies, but this time decided to end speculation with a short text message which was sent from the Palace to the mobile phones of the Spanish reporters who usually cover Royal news and events. It is not the first time the Palace has used this method to inform the Spanish media of news.

When Leonor was born last year, the Socialist government confirmed their intention to modify the article of the Spanish constitution referring to succession to the Spanish throne from male-preference primogeniture in favor of lineal primogeniture. This was a policy which figured in the Socialist Party’s election manifesto.

If the modification is not pushed through in the next seven months, when the baby is born if it is a boy in theory he will be the second heir to the throne, after his father Prince Felipe.


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