Police find more explosives in Vizcaya

A metal drum containing 70 kilos of explosives has been discovered next to a parked vehicle in Atxondo, near Durango in Vizcaya. The Ertaintza (the Basque police) believe that the terrorists who used a hideout in Amorebieta which was found on 23rd December might have used the vehicle. A member of the Basque Government believes that the explosives were destined for immediate use. Furthermore, the news agency ‘La SER’ has found out that the mobile phone used to give the bomb warning in Madrid was activated on the 23rd December.

The information on the mobile telephone reinforces the theory that the car found in Atxondo was abandoned following the discovery of the terrorist’s hidout in Amorebieta. It is believed that this also forced the ETA cell to change their plans and to detain a mountaineer from Oñate whose van, a Renault Traffic, was then used for the bomb in Barajas airport.

The metal drum containing explosives found next to a parked car in Atxondo was discovered by the Ertaintza when an abandoned vehicle was being investigated and traces of chemicals used to make explosive material were found following the detailed analysis of various simples taken from the vehicle.

False number plates were also discovered in the boot of the car.

Shortly following the investigation into the abandoned vehicle the metal drum containing explosive material was discovered nearby. After being inspected by experts the explosives were found to be ready for immediate use.

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