Open source software in Spain

Badajoz will become the world capital for free software by hosting the third international conference for free software this week (8th – 9th February). The conference which has been organized by the governments of Extremadura and Andalucia will bring together leaders in the movement for free software such as Miguel de Icaza and Richard Stallman, who will be presented with the Extremaduran International Prize for Open Knowledge.

Luis Millán Vázquez de Miguel, who is in charge of Infrastructure and Development for the government in Extremadura, talked about the responsibility of making computer applications free and the importance of sharing knowledge. He also added that it was important for people to be conscious of the international movement in favour of the use of free software.

Extremadura has been one of Spain’s first regions to officially adopt the use of free software (in local government offices, the town hall, schools etc…).

Later Andalucia followed in its footsteps. Now free software is being used more and more throughout the rest of Spain.

Extremadura adopted a free software policy some years ago in order to try and bridge the digital gap that existed in the region. Now Extremadura is one of the most important users of this type of software in Spain.