Morella, Castellon. Monoxide poisoning tragedy

Eighteen people were found dead on Sunday afternoon in a rural house in the small village of Todolella yesterday in the Spanish province of Castellon due to monoxide poisoning. Their funerals took place yesterday afternoon.

The victims formed part of a group who had held a party to celebrate one of the friends’ fiftieth birthday. The man who was celebrating his birthday and his partner are the only two survivors – they had slept in a bedroom next to the room where the eighteen victims died. The cause of the their death was monoxide poisoning, caused by the butane gas heater they used to heat the room they slept in. Reporters say that some of the group must have realised what was happening, as some of the corpses were found blocking the door they had apparantly tried to open when they tried to get out of the room.

An official mass was held yesterday evening in Morella, Castellon.

It was attended by some of the victims’ families. Three of the victims were from Morella. Others were from various of the small villages in the region. The Prince and Princess of Asturias, Felipe and Letizia, attended the official mass, as did the Spanish deputy prime minister, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. It can be given off by appliances that burn fossil fuels (gas, coal, wood or oil) if they’re not working properly, if the fuel is blocked in any way, or if the room is not properly ventilated. It is odourless, colourless and tasteless and its effects are mortal.