Jelly fish plague in the Mediterranean

This summer the Mediterranean coast has been suffering from a massive plague of jelly fish. Such a large number have never been recorded before.

Parts of the Catalan coastline have had to be closed to bathers due the dangers posed by the jellyfish. It is estimated that so far this year more than 20,000 people have had to be treated for jellyfish stings on beaches in Barcelona, Tarragona and Girona.

One possible cause for the large numbers of jellyfish could be overfishing in the Mediterranean where the numbers of natural predators of jellyfish such as tuna and sword fish have been significantly reduced.

Luckily other parts of Spain such as the Cantabrican coast have not been similarly affected.

Anyone who comes across a jellyfish on the beach is advised not to touch it and to tell someone at the Red Cross post. Similarly if you think you have been stung go immediately to the Red Cross.

Jellyfish in Spain in 2005