Island for sale in Spain

Island off Lanzarote on sale for 9 million euros

Montaña Clara, an island 2.7 km2 which is located to the north of Lanzarote and within the boundaries of the Archipelago Chinijo Nature Park is being offered for sale to the highest bidder. The island was first acquired 50 years ago by López Socas, the then mayor of Haría, in Lanzarote.

The present owners went to a national chain of Spanish estate agents, in order to gain more publicity and extend the number of possible buyers. However building is not allowed on the island as it has special protection and is part of a nature reserve as well as being a bird sanctuary.

The promotors hope that a possible buyer could be interested in investing in the island as a patron attracted by the natural heritage and also certain tax benefits. It has been reported that two possible buyers have emerged – a financial institution and a Dutch family – but the sellers are hoping the Spanish state will intervene and purchase the island.

The promoters estimate that the sale could take up to a year. The price has been calculated per square metre based on prices for similar land on Lanzarote which works out at just over 3 euros per metre. This morning the Spanish Environment Ministry claimed that because of the famous Ley de Costas (Coastal Law),which declared the Spanish coast public property, the perimeter of the island already belongs to the state and cannot be sold into private hands.

Montaña Clara island gained its name due to the light colour of the peak of the volcano rock there which covers a large part of the island. The highest point on the island is La Mariana at 256 metres high.

Montaña Clara also forms part of one of Spain’s largest marine reserves, the second largest in Europe, as well as being a refuge for a large number of birds.

Any possible buyer of the island will have the responsibility of protecting the environment and maintaining this unique natural area.

Montaña Clara isn’t the only private island in the area. Alegranza, which is owned by the Jordán family is currently in the process of be transferred to state ownership.

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