Ex-Mayor of Marbella on corruption charges

Marisol Yagüe the ex-Mayor of Marbella appeared in court for the second time yesterday. The judge, Miguel Ángel Torres, asked for her to return to court in order to clarify her initial declaration.

The ex-Mayor has been charged along with other council members of corruption on several counts and has remained in prison since 29th March. Some of the charges she faces are neglect of duty and bribery.

Pablo Luna, her defence lawyer, said that she had nothing new to add to her original declaration. The ex-Mayor was transferred from prison to court in a police van and her appearance in court lasted just over an hour. According to Luna Marisol Yagüe is still hoping to be released from prison on health grounds due to the depression she is said to be suffering although 3 requests have already been refused by the judge in this case.

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