The cost of Christmas in Spain

According to the results of a study carried out by the Independent Federation of Users and Consumers, Christmas spending in Spain this year is expected to by just above average spending last year.

Spanish consumers are expected to spend an average of 833 euros on their Christmas this year. Of this, an average of 244 euros (30 percent) will be spent on presents and toys, 233 euros on leisure and entertainment away from the home, 227 euros on food and drink and a mind-boggling average of 129 euros per person on the Christmas lottery.

According to the study, people living in Madrid spend most on Christmas (an average of 941 euros per person), followed by Catalonia (905 euros), Valencia (901 euros) and the Basque Country (860 euros). At the other end of the scale, people in the Canary Islands spend least during the Christmas season (on average 777 euros per person). People in Valencia spend more money on Christmas lottery than elsewhere in Spain (on average 152 euros per person), whereas people in Madrid spend more on presents and going out (which is not surprising given the price of food and drink in many restaurants in Madrid).

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Christmas spending in Spain