“My Cities” and one in particular.

This series started 8 years ago. It was an ambitious project for someone with an ordinary job and with limited finance and opportunity. It was inspired by the book The City in History by Lewis Mumford and by my own fascination in the dynamics of urban life and indeed my own commitment to it for I have chosen to work in large cities. 

I wrote the last article in European Cities in March of this year. But since then our life has taken a dramatic change. We had good reasons for moving to Britain’s third largest city, namely Leeds, successfully sold our house and moved to a self-contained flat overlooking the very beautiful Roundhay Park.

And suddenly – with glimpses of forewarning – my health collapsed.

I was well looked after for two weeks at Leeds Infirmery Hospital and since then have had dependable care at home, the result of which is still uncertain, though my old life will have come to some sort of end.

 Two things I have learned:

1. That my work is important to me but no longer all-consuming

2. That my family is everything to me.

Meanwhile, I continue to be fascinated by city life. And doubtless you will be hearing more about the proud city of Leeds in the days to come.