Special offer flight from Luton to Malaga

Low cost airline Monarch has just launched a special offer flight from Luton to Malaga one-way for £14.99. The flight is today’s “Bargain of the day!” and the deal is valid for passengers flying from Luton to Malaga on 11th June. The flight departs from Luton at 21.05.

Anyone wanting to take advantage of this cheap flight to Malaga should visit Monarch’s website and enter the details of the required return flight at the top of the right hand column on the homepage. Return flights do not enter into the speciall offer, and so are inevitably a little more expensive. But some cheap flights from Malaga to Luton are still available in June, some for as low as £24.99.

The prices stated above exlude taxes and charges which are £25.93 on the outbound flight – more than the price of the seat! Anyone interested in this special offer should try and book as soon as possible – there are only six seats left on the flight at the time of writing.