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Given the increasing number of visitors who contact us requesting names of reputable lawyers all over Spain, last year we signed an agreement with the Spanish branch of an international network of lawyers called Eurojuris. According to the terms of this agreement, all lawyer members of Eurojuris are committed to giving prompt, bilingual and highly professional services to the clients we forward on to them, and to charge them highly competitive rates (one of the problems our visitors often face is being overcharged by their legal representative during a property deal). They, importantly, have no contact with the property sellers or agents being used by our visitors, and your interests are the only ones they are interested in serving.

Eurojuris keeps us informed of the progress of all the clients we forward on to them and satisfaction level is 100% as so far all the property buyers forwarded on to them by us have been delighted with the service received. The network is one of Spain’s most highly respected associations of solicitors.

See below the experience of one satisfied customer:

Dear Madam

Sometime ago I approached Euroresidentes (email: seeking the name of a reliable
lawyer that I could use to handle the proposed purchase of a property in the
Almunecar area of Granada province. I was put in touch with Eurojuris Espana
and you kindly directed me to a firm in Almunecar.

I have recently successfully completed the purchase of the said property and
wish to put on record my sincerest thanks for directing me to such a top-class professional firm of lawyers. From the moment I first established contact with the partner in the firm – Irina Sviridovitch – I was extremely impressed with the efficiency with which my enquiries were answered.

All emails and phone calls were returned on the same day or the following day. Clear, definitive answers were provided to all matters raised.

The purchase of the property necessitated 4 separate visits over 6 months to Almunecar. During my first visit Ms. Sviridovitch took me through the buying
process and explained in detail, yet in understandable layman’s’ terms, all
the legal aspects to the process. Fees were agreed at the initial meeting
and these were very reasonable.

For the subsequent three meetings Ms. Sviridovitch facilitated our requests for meetings at particular times and dates. As we were travelling with a three year old and an infant it was sometimes difficult to co-ordinate visits with estate agents to prospective properties but I can say, hand on heart, that we did not encounter any such difficulty in our dealings with our lawyer.

Ms. Sviridovitch was extremely flexible in accommodating our requests for meeting.

Apart altogether from the excellent service I refer to above it was only when
we had decided to purchase a particular property that our lawyer proved what an invaluable asset she was to us. It is at this stage when one gets most nervous and in our case we had to contend with a lazy estate agent acting on behalf of the vendor, a vendor which comprised essentially four persons, a bank in a different province which held a mortgage on the property but yet refused to send a representative to the closing of the deal and some very sloppy paperwork prepared by the estate agent. During that last week I feared that the deal would fall through but thanks to the confident stewardship of Ms. Sviridovitch we closed the deal in early February, all the paperwork (notary matters, property registration, tax registration, payment of ‘stamp duty’, drawing up of wills etc.) has since been finalised and we are now the proud owners of a beautiful property on the Costa Tropical.

One final point I should add. Not being residents of Almunecar we had no idea
where we might buy electrical fittings, furniture and avail of the services of an electrician. Ms. Sviridovitch was extremely helpful in directing us to the appropriate persons and, in the case of the electrician, effectively saved us from nights without electricity and hot water when we last arrived in Almunecar – not a very pleasant prospect with two very young children.

I can highly recommend this firm of lawyers and Ms. Sviridovitch, in particular, and once aging thank you for directing me to this particular firm. I should add that a friend of mine recently acquired a property in Alicante and his experience with his lawyer was the complete opposite to mine. For this reason alone I am grateful for the efficient and professional service supplied to me by Fernandez Cuevas Abogados. I feel sure that, with the kind of quality service offered by this firm, it may confidently be relied on to provide excellent legal services to prospective clients

Kind regards

If anybody needs the service of a solicitor in the Costa Tropical – Granada area, just send us an email to and we will forward it on to this highly recommended company of lawyers.

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