Beaches in Huelva

Huelva is one of Spain’s most unspoilt areas and boasts a number of wild, unspoilt beaches perfect for sun and beach-lovers eager to escape the crowds. Set just next to Spanish-Portuguese border, it offers easy access to southern Portugal which is another plus for visitors. For further information on Huelva see our Guide to Huelva. For a description of the best beaches in Huelva see below. And to see their direct location on Google’s interactive map, see Map of beaches in Huelva.

Best beaches in Huelva, Spain:

In Huelva capital:

  • Playa El Espigón: located in the Marismas de Odiel Natural Park this beach is 2.5 km long and 40m wide. Golden sand.

    No lifeguards available and recently we have had some complaints from visitors about pollution from the River Espigón. Car park available.

Beaches in Almonte, Huelva:

  • Playa de Matalascañas: A town beach, 4000 mteres long, and a great favourite with families. Golden sand, facilities including toilets and showers, sunshades and sunbeds, watersports and nearby carpark. You can get to the Doñana sand dunes from here. This beach has been awarded the blue flag.
  • Playa Castilla: 20.000 metres long, this enormous beach is surrounded by the Doñana National Park, this isolated and protected beach is one of Huelva’s jewels. No services available. Nudism is allowed. Only accessible on foot.

Beaches in Isla Cristina, a lovelypart of Huelva, surrounded by salt marshes.

Used to be quite deserted but is getting more crowded by the year:

  • Playa de Isla Canela: A town beach with golden sand, salt marshes, sand dunes.
  • Playa de la Redondela: A small isolated beach with golden sand surrounded by eucalyptus trees.
  • Playa de Punta Caimán: A small unspoilt sandy beach – no facilities and difficult to access.
  • Playa del Moral: Unspoilt, sandy beach with calm sea. No facilities.

Beaches in Cartaya, Huelva:

  • Playa del Portil: A town beach 4000 long, golden sand, facilities, near the Portil and Enebrales lagoons and the Odiel salt marshes (see National Parks).
  • Playa del Rompido: 1000 metres long, near the town, golden sand, not many facilities, surrounded by countryside La Flecha de Cartaya.

    (see National Parks).

Beaches in Lepe, Huelva:

  • Playa La Antilla: A town beach 4000 metres long, facilities, golden sand.
  • Playa Nueva Umbría: Unspoilt, nudist, few services in a beautiful natural setting in Parajes Naturales de las Piedras and Flecha Nueva Umbría.
  • Playa Islantilla: A holiday resort, good facilities, golden sand, good atmosphere.

Beaches in Moguer, Huelva:

  • Playa del Parador: Unspoilt beach with a few facilities, including lifeguards and showers. Surrounded by cliffs and pine and eucalyptus trees. Just 500 m. Long. Gets its name from the parador hotel nearby

Beaches in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva:

  • Playa de Mazagón: An urban beach – 5.5 km long. Golden sand and calm waters aswell as good facilities (showers, sun umbrellas, sunbeds, marina, watersports….) make this a very popular beach with locals and tourists. Access on foot and by car.

Beaches in Punta Umbría, Huelva: Distinctive – all of them have been awarded blue flags.

  • Playa Punta Umbría: A town beach, golden sand, facilities, good atmosphere, this is the most built-up beach in the area and is popular with families. 3.800m long
  • Playa de la Bota: Golden sand, unspoilt, isolated within in an area of sand dunes and pine forests. Popular with bathers and fishers. Great for strolling along. Not many services although it does have some showers.
  • Playa La Mata Negra / Los Enebrales: Unspoilt, golden sand, no facilities, isolated, this is one of Huelva’s wildest beaches.

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