Second visit to the obstretrician

My partner and I had to wait over half an hour before we could see the doctor. Hope it’s not so long next time.

First of all we discussed the results of my blood test and the scan. As far as the blood test was concerned everything was normal. However streptococcus B had been discovered in my urine sample. I was very worried about this as it can be very dangerous to the baby during a natural birth if the mother isn’t give antibiotics as soon as labour starts. The doctor told me I would be tested again at the 36th week. I’ve thought about this since and wonder why I need to be tested again if the infection isn’t going to be treated. I will ask about this at my next appointment. Oh yes and I was also told I didn’t have aids. As no one had asked my consent for this test I was rather surprised as I think they ask you to sign a consent form in the UK.

The results of the scan were ok and the nuchal scan had come back normal. The doctor told me I had to decide whether to have the amniocentisis test or not.

Again I asked about alternative methods of screening such as a blood test but she said that I would have to pay for that and anyway it wasn’t very reliable. She didn’t tell me how to go about getting it if I decided going for that option either. I asked her advice about the amniocentisis test but she gave me no counselling, advice or reassurance whatsoever.

I was weighed and then she tried to listen to the baby’s heart beat but couldn’t find it which was a bit disconcerting. Luckily I had read something about this in one of my pregnancy book and new that it was quite normal.

I came away from the appointment a bit disappointed with the feeling that my questions hadn’t really been addressed. I hope it goes better next time. In the meantime I had to make up my mind about the amniocentisis.

Something which posed a big dilemma for me and a lot of sleepless nights.