The second scan

I had my second scan last week (21 weeks pregnant) in a private clinic (paid for by social security) as there were no appointments available in my local health centre where I normally go for my regular check ups.

I was a bit nervous as not only was I going to find out if the baby is a girl or a boy but also whether the baby is growing at a normal rate and/or any other possible complications.

The clinic wasn’t very well organised first of all I had to wait ages to be seen (at least 40 mins) as it was packed. Finally I was called into the room by a rather gruff nurse who seemed to have a permanent scowl. Luckily the doctor was very nice and explained everything carefully. Also this time I could see the screen quite clearly (unlike last time).

Everything was fine and we were told it is a boy. I wasn’t very surprised as I’d had the idea I was having a boy in my mind anyway. Just a coincidence or intuition? I was told to go for a half hour walk because the baby wouldn’t turn meaning its spine couldn’t be measured.

Half an hour later I went back to have another scan and luckily the baby had moved and the doctor got the measurements he needed to complete the scan.

It’s amazing how much you can make out in the scan, you can even see the outline of a face including eyes, nose and mouth aswell as arms, hands fingers.

Beforehand I had been a bit worried that the baby wouldn’t be big enough because I am a vegetarian but I always make sure I eat plenty of cheese, milk, cereals and eggs. I only have lentils and chickpeas about once a week.

In the end I was very pleased with the result of the scan and felt reassured that so far everything is going well.

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