Pregnancy and weight

On the third visit to the obstetrician’s, now 17 weeks pregnant, I was weighed and told that I had put on 5.5 kilos since my last visit.

I disagreed with the doctor telling her that I had weighed myself that morning and that it wasn’t possible. She didn’t listen to me and told me that I had to go on a diet straight away! I’ve read in my pregnancy books that you should never go on a diet when you’re pregnant and secondly I felt fine and knew that their records weren’t correct. I think I would notice whether I had gained that much or not. Also I think everyone’s different. The previous month they had told me that I had lost a kilo (which was also inaccurate) but nothing was said about that and I wasn’t asked whether I was following a healthy diet or eating enough.

Another thing is that everytime I am weighed I am fully clothed including shoes so I supose it depends on the weather that day as to what the results will be.

Since then I’ve been weighing myself at home and keeping a record so that I can monitor my weight gain.

So far I seem to be within the correct levels, I’ve read that weight gain during the whole pregnancy is usually between 10 – 12 kilos.

I wonder what I’ll weigh at my next appointment – I suppose it depends on whether I’m wearing summer clothes or winter clothes.