Pregnancy and sleep

Now that I’m 6 months pregnant I’m finding it hard to get comfortable in bed. I used to sleep on my stomach but thats impossible now.

From what I’ve read in books about pregnancy you’re supposed to sleep on your left side with a cushion for support. Apparently you’re not supposed to sleep on your right side although the reasons for this aren’t clear. And sleeping on your back is bad for you and gives you backache because of the weight you’re carrying.

The above advice has proved useful and I usually manage to fall asleep on my left side although I do find myself sometimes lying on my back or right side as sleeping in one position for 8 hours is almost impossibe and also quite uncomfortable. Often when I wake up I have lower back ache but luckily I’ve got my partner into the habit of giving me a quick back massage in the morning before he goes to work and it seems to do the trick as I don’t have backache once I’m up and about.

Last night I woke up with terrible cramp for the first time – this is also a common complaint aswell as getting pins and needles which I’ve also had.

Another thing is the heat. Now its started to get hot during the day, it’s much warmer at night and this is also another reason why I’m finding it hard to sleep at night. A cooling electric fan is a must.

Apart from the physical aspects of pregnany and sleep there’s also the racing mind and worries. A good rememdy for this is a glass of cold milk which aswell as being sleep inducing is also a boost to your daily calcium intake.

I also recently read an article in the Guardian about specially shaped cushions that can help support your bump. Although they look a bit pricey I’m might invest in one when I go to the UK. I think they sell them in Boots, John Lewis and Mothercare and they cost between 20 and 30 pounds.

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