Pregnancy and Feet

There are several disadvantages of being 8 months pregnant during the summer in Spain. Not only the heat, (although I’m writing this from the UK wear we’re having some sort of mediterrranean heat wave with temperatures around 31 degrees at the hottest part of the day) I have to admit it doesn’t bother me that much apart from the fact that my sweat glands seems to be working overtime. The other problem is that with my growing weight my legs and especially feet ache a lot.

So far I haven’t got swollen ankles, maybe that’s something that will happen later on…But with the extra weight I’m carrying (so far I’ve put on 15 kilos and still have 2 months to go…) I find it very hard on my feet. This is exacerbated by the hot weather as I’m not used to wearing sensible sandals and have up to now been wearing flip flops with wafer thin soles. Sensible but fashionable sandals are very hard to find – as I’m in the UK at the moment I tried Clarks but as their sale is already underway there wasn’t much left.

Am going to try and get something sensible from a small shop that stocks brands such as Ecco Merrelle and Birkenstock. However will have to go for comfort over fashion…perhaps this is where my fashion downfall begins…