Pregnancy and Clothing

I’ve always enjoyed wearing fashionable clothes and taking care of my appearance so when I found out I was pregnant I was determined not to become a pregnant frump in oversized baggy clothing that looks like you’re wearing a sack and makes you look twice as large.

Now I’m just starting my 21st week of pregnancy my bump is growing rapidy. I found that I could get away with wearing my normal clothes until about the 16th week.

In Spain there doesn’t seem to be that much choice and what there is a bit pricey. So far I have only bought a few key garments that are specifically for pregnancy. I’ve bought a bikini and a skirt from a shop called Prenatal – a bit expensive at 115 euros for the two garments (but the bikini looks great).

Unfortunately there isn’t a Corte Ingles where I live so my options are quite limited. As Zara clothes are quite small fitting anyway it isn’t really an option for me (apart from bags and sandals!).

And you need to be quite thin to fit into anything from Mango. The other shops that I’ve seen here selling maternity clothes are small expensive boutiques so I’ll give them a miss.

Luckily while I was over in the UK for a weekend visit over a month ago I got some good stuff from Top Shop’s maternity range. I managed to get a pair of decent jeans (with an expanding waistline), some black linen trousers and a wrap-around dress. I also got a top from Oasis one size up from my normal size. Top Shop have an online shopping service which includes their maternity range but only deliver within the UK so you need to have someone who will forward the parcels to Spain. If you live in Madrid or Barcelona you won’t have this problem as there is a Top Shop in both cities.

Another useful item I got from Top Shop was something called a ‘bump cover’ which is a wide band made from t-shirt material designed to cover your bump so that you can wear tops that are a bit shorter (a good investment at just 5 pounds).

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