Pregnancy and the beach

It’s really started to get hot in the part of Spain where I live and this weekend I managed to get to the beach twice.

I’m 7 months pregnant now and have almost grown out of the maternity bikini I bought back in March…I just hope it’ll last as I don’t really want to fork out another 65 euros just for a couple of months wear. The trouble is I am bulging out of it in all directions! Another thing is I’ve been very lucky not have suffered with cellulite before now but being pregnant seems to have changed that!

I’ve found it’s helpful to have a sarong sometimes to cover my bump or just to wrap around myself if I want to go for a stroll along the beach. A beach shade and high suntan protector (factor 30) are also another essential item when planning to go to the beach as is a large bottle of water as it’s really important not to get dehydrated.

As for swimming in the sea – it’s a nice way to cool off and I just make sure I get in slowly and don’t plunge straight in.

Another thing that I need to invest in is a comfy chair, at the moment I’m making do with sitting up on a towel. Lying on my back is a bit too uncomfortable and not really recommended at this stage of pregnancy.

I think it’s important to keep my bump cool and am not really sure how long I can sunbathe for, but usually I can’t stand more than a couple of hours on the beach at a time anyway.

It’s a nice way to relax and nice to see other couples on the beach with little babies and think that’ll be me this time next year!

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