Preganancy and air travel

This is an update on an earlier blog I wrote about air travel. I’ve just come over to the UK for a couple of weeks by plane at 31 weeks pregnant. I’ll be 33 weeks pregnant when I go back.

I went to a lot of trouble trying to get a medical certificate for travelling as stipulated by the airline on their website. The first one my obstetrician gave me was just scribbled on a piece of paper. The second one I got was a bit better, I also had the added complication that I live in Spain but was travelling from France with a British company (I live just on the border with France).

As it turned out no-one asked me for a medical certificate. The journey was no problem and I felt as comfortable as anyone else given the lack of space. It was a short flight (90 mins).

One funny coincidence was that I was sitting next to a doctor which I found out when we got chatting. That helped me put my mind at rest too!

The only special preparation that I did was to avoid fizzy drinks a couple of days beforehand as I had read in one of my pregancy books that this can give you bloating and make you feel uncomfortable.

I also made sure that I drank plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated.

Although I was a little apprehensive about flying I now realise that it’s not really a health risk as long as the pregnancy is normal at the time.

I travel back next week which is the last week I’m allowed to fly while pregnant. I hope the journey is as comfortable as the outward one.

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