Buying a pushchair

I didn’t realise that buying a pushchair could be so complicated or so expensive!

I live in San Sebastian and there’s only one shop that I know of that has a wide selection of pushchairs. It also only has the most expensive models. Another big disadvantage is that you have to order your chosen pushchair at least 2 months in advance because the shop only has models on display.

Apart from that, there are so many extra accessories to get that the price can easily shoot up to almost 1000 euros.

I’ve been doing some research into the possibility of buying a pushchair when I’m back in the UK for a few weeks over the summer and it seems that Mothercare has a wide range at varying prices. Also if you go to one of the larger stores you can choose the one you like and buy it that day. If it isn’t in stock then you can order it and receive it in 5 days. Much better.

However, I will be ordering mine today from the shop here because after extensive research and hours spent on the internet comparing prices I’ve found that the model I want is actually cheaper here.

But I resent having to order it so far in advance – obviously it’s perfect for the shop which not only has a monopoly here but also doesn’t have in invest in stock … all at the inconvenience of the consumer!