Buying a pushchair in Spain

This is the second article about buying a pushchair in Spain. We finally decided on a Quinny Buzz with a carrycot fixture because we liked the modern design and we felt the price was reasonable (around 500 euros). The system here is that you have to order the pram at least 2 months in advance.

When we ordered the pram from a shop called Bambino (a specialist shop for all sorts of goods relating to babies) the assistant advised us to get what she called a universal piece fixed onto the pram so that we could use any type of sunshade with it.

I got a call in August to say that the pushchair was in the warehouse but that the person who had to fix the umbrella piece onto the pram was on holiday. I said I didn’t mind waiting a week or so. After 3 weeks we started to get a bit nervous as I was then 39 weeks pregnant. After no news from the shop I called to see what was happening. I was told it would be delivered in a couple of days. Following that we went to the shop and again were told a couple a days.

After that I called to say that I wanted it that week. It was delivered the next day almost one month late.

However we were in for a nasty surprise because the universal umbrella fixture has been attached so badly. For a start it wasn’t a universal piece and was never intended for fixing onto our pram. Secondly the frame hadn’t been dismantled for it to fit on (the reaso we were told it would be delivered late). Instead someone had sawn the piece in half, leaving sharp bits of plastic on each side and then they had tried to force it around the frame very badly and had drilled two holes in the frame and used two different type of fixtures to fix it on. But as if that wasn’t bad enough, they had fixed it close to where the maxicosi carseat needs to be placed so that to fit the car seat onto the pram you really have to force it everytime.

We were very upset after having waited for almost 3 months and then to see what they had done. We went to the shop the next day. At first the shop assistant tried to fob us off saying it was normal. I’ve asked for a new frame immediately. Apparently the shop is going to call me today with a solution…

The only good thing about this situation is that I haven’t paid for the pram yet only the deposit.

UPDATE: I got a call from the shop the next day and was able to collect the new pram the following day so luckily a satisfactory solution. This time I’ve ordered the umbrella for the Quinny Buzz bought the proper fixture for fitting it onto the pram (3 euros) – now I just have to wait for the umbrella (hope it’s not another 2 or 3 months)…

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