Buying a cot mattress in Spain

Another item on the must buy list is a new cot mattress. I’ve heard that using a secondhand mattress has been linked to ‘cot deaths’ although there doesn’t seem to be any information on this here in Spain. Spanish people here don’t seem to be aware of the risks related to this subject and there aren’t any information leaflets available at the health centre (there aren’t any information leaflets available on anything related to pregnancy or childbirth for that matter).

It took me some time to convince my partner of the importance of this but finally I managed to get my point of view across. I asked at the couple of shops I know here but they only sold mattresses in the sizes for the cots they sold. A friend has offered me her old cot which is a standard sized cot.

After searching the Mothercare website in Spain I found out that they actually have a shop in Pamplona which is only an hour’s drive from here (not including the half hour we spent driving in circles trying to find the shopping centre which is so new that it doesn’t have any signs to it yet).

Problem solved anyway, we got to Mothercare and although quite small it had a lot of stock in the warehouse which wasn’t on display. I haven’t bought my cot matress yet but now I know I can get one with the special anti-bacterial fibres and a special airflow system it’s put my mind at rest…but I did get a moses basket and stand for about half the price they cost here.

Another thing I’m thinking of getting is a special nappy bin that seals each bag that contains a used nappy. The one they stock in Mothercare is the Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrapper. The only thing is I’m not sure whether it’s really worth it or not…

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