Antenatal classes

Now that I’m 6 months pregnant I’ve started to think about the birth and preparation for it. At my last appointment with the obstetrician it was me who brought up the subject of antenatal classes. I was told to go and see the mid-wife.

A few weeks later I went to see the mid-wife (no appointment was necessary) and she asked me why I hadn’t been earlier. So I explained that I had taken the initiative in asking about antenatal care as nothing had been mentioned in any of my appointments so far.

She wrotoe my name and telephone number in a notebook and said that they would call me when I needed to start. I asked whether partners were welcome and the answer was firmly no.

I am very disappointed by this (although not altogether surprised) and it seems like another downfall in the Spanish system. The reason I was given for partners not being allowed to attend is that there isn’t enough space – but really I believe it is because the system is still old fashioned and out of date especially when it comes to women’s health.

Perhaps its different in other parts of Spain (I live in Guipuzcoa in the North).

Another annoying thing that happened to me this week is that I went into prenatal to get some t-shirts as I am rapidly growing out all my clothes. They didn’t have any decent ones left in my size and when I asked the over-powering sales assistant she said that they wouldn’t be receiving anymore summer stock and would only be getting in winter stock.

Well it’s still May and summer hasn’t even started yet…so how crazy is that!

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