Zara withdraws swastikas bag

Zara withdraws bag with embroidered swastikas

Spanish clothes chain Zara has withdrawn a controversial bag from sale in all its stores. According to various sources a British client brought the problem to light when she returned the bag and demanded a refund after seeing the symbol embroidered on the side of the bag. Inditex which owns Zara has apologised and confirmed that the article in question has been withdrawn from all its shops.

The company, which has 3000 shops in 66 countries, has not specified in how many countries and where the bag was on sale. When the British client who had unknowningly bought the bag realised that it was decorated with swastikas she returned it to the store immediately where the shop assistants expressed their surprise. The symbol appears on the side of the bag along with other exotic symbols and is not obvious at first.

According to a spokesperson for Zara, the bag had been made by an Indian supplier and the swastika had not been included in the original design approved by the company.

The swastika has been used as a symbol of good luck and strength by Hindus and Buddists for centuries. However, since it was adopted by the Nazis in the 1920’s it has been viewed negatively in the West.